Covert Hypnosis – What It Actually Is.

Covert Hypnosis is a technique or an attempt in which a person’s unconscious mind can be communicated, without even letting the person know about being hypnotized. It often takes place in the form of a regular conversation, so it is also referred to as conversational hypnosis. The main aim of this hypnosis is to subconsciously change the behavior of a person in such a way that the person believes that it has been done naturally. After successful completion of it, the target is unaware that it has been performed. A normal hypnosis requires the focus of the concerned person, but in a covert hypnosis, the main focus is on how to soften the subject by confusion, interrupted sentences, fatigue etc.

The main steps of performing covert hypnosis are discussed below:

Firstly, one needs to gain the attention of the concerned person for the induction of hypnotic suggestion . If there are a lot of distractions then it becomes difficult to attract the attention of the subject. Certain methods are there to get the attention, and then implement the techniques.

The next step is to build a rapport with the person concerned. The rapport should be very strong and deep.

Next follows the ‘trance’. The hypnotherapist needs the person to enter into the trance state, a state of hypnotic induction in th subconscious mind.

Finally, in the last step, the hypnotist has to embed the thoughts into the subject’s mind. That means the commands and suggestions are to be given to the subconscious mind of the person to be hypnotized. But all these are done in such a way that the subject, at the end of the session will not be able to understand something strange has happened to with them or they have gone through something weird.

There are many types of covert hypnosis.

Involving various techniques. Some have been discussed here:

It can be done with eye movements. With the direction of movement of a person’s eyes, it can be known what the person is accessing. Hypnosis can be done with the help of this too. But it needs a lot of experience, and also, it does not applies to all. Another technique is ‘Submodalities’, in this, it is determined what thought results in a negative or a positive emotion.

For covert hypnosis, it is one of the most important techniques because a certain response is triggered with the help of this technique. Another technique is ‘deception’. It is a technique of hypnosis in which the hypnotist does not want the subject to know about the intentions of hypnotizing. Another technique is ‘misdirection’. It is generally used by magicians in order to show their magic shows. By this, the audience’s attention is diverted and the magician can then perform an action that he does not want his audience to see. Another technique is ‘cold reading’ which is often used by spiritualists, mentalists and other professionals in order to make their clients believe in whatever they say.

So, as you can see, Covert Hypnosis is quite an interesting subject!